Women's Anti-Suffrage Association of Chemung County

The Women’s Anti-Suffrage Association of Chemung County was formed with the express purpose of defeating any equal suffrage referendums. After the suffragist victory in the November 6, 1917 election, members of the Anti-Suffrage Association met on November 15 at the home of Grace Alden Gregg. They compiled a final report, which they submitted to the Elmira Star-Gazette. In it, they thanked local businessmen and members who supported their cause by contributing $264, loaning them five automobiles, and donating meeting spaces and free advertising on street cars. While sorry their cause lost, they took pride in the fact that the referendum had not passed locally.


“The ‘Anti’s’ express their keen appreciation of the support of the patriotic men of Chemung county who cast their vote on November 6 against the radical forces as represented by woman suffrage. These loyal voters have made it possible ever to look with great pride at ‘Old Chemung’ in the company with the other 28 counties in our great state which lined up in opposition to the amendment.”

Anti-suffrage ad, Elmira Star-Gazette, October 26, 1917

Complete 1917 election returns showing the defeat of the women's suffrage amendment in Elmira